ANIO Seeks Nomination for Academic Excellence in 2013

September 16, 2013
Prior Award winners have been Drs.
Brian Pereira,
Vikas Sukhatme,
Mannikam Suthintharan,
Kripal Chugh,
Sudhir Shah,
TKS Rao,
Ravi Mehta,
Ajay Singh,
Balakuntlam Kasinath,
Manjari Venkatachalam,
Karl A Nath,
Ravi Thadhani,
Anupam Agarwal,
Vinod Bansal.
Nominations are currently being accepted for the ANIO Award for Academic Excellence.
This award recognizes individuals of Indian origin who have made substantial academic contributions to nephrology and have sustained achievements in the areas of research and education.
If you have anyone in mind, please send a short paragraph (75-100 words) on this individual together with his or her CV to Dr. Anupam Agarwal at
The deadline for nominations to be received is October 1st, 2013.